My 3 Takeaways… Podcast Episode #001 Interpreting the Mysteries of Indigenous People of South America to Heal the Western World

With Simply Conscious podcast episodes, it will take you to different levels of understanding and provide a different perspective. The world has different mysteries, you have to explore it for you to discover it. And for you to find it, all you need is a willing heart.

It’s my hope you’ll find something in what I share that makes you want to listen to each episode and when you do, I’d love to know what the biggest takeaways were for you… you can post them in the comments section.

So here’s what really stood out for me in this episode:

Correct Order of Priorities. 

It was just recently that I have discovered or arranged my own order of priorities. I know what I wanted to achieve in life but I wasn’t focused as to how to get there and I really did not put that much importance to it. Until I reached this certain age and I thought back as to why I haven’t tried harder to arrange my priorities and to not get distracted, and I should not have squandered an opportunity.

Slowing Down, Getting Over with the Fear that the Current Situation has Brought Us. 

The lockdown here in Cebu, Philippines started March 28 and until further notice. Compared to other countries where people can still go out, exercise outside or take a stroll, here we are not allowed to go out of our house. We have a quarantine pass with numbers on it and like mine, I am only allowed to go out and buy groceries/essential goods every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. So I got so depressed thinking about what will happen to the economy and what will happen to my future thinking I got it all planned for this year. But during this difficult time, we just have to think about the things that we can control and stop worrying so much about the things we can’t control. Anxiety and stress can also cause diseases. Just take small steps everyday, take a deep breath, do yoga and only think of the things you can do today. Don’t stress too much as to what tomorrow may bring. 

You Do Not Exist to Compete and Control Mother Nature. 

I myself wanted to live sustainably and in harmony with mother nature. I want to maintain the beauty of nature. Seeing other countries who have high regard for their environment makes me feel sad for my country. If only we share the same thought about not destroying or constantly taking from mother nature, but also think about giving back. And support local made or farmer’s markets, in which you are not only eating healthy but also supporting the community.

Closing comments

This episode showcases a brave man, someone who wholeheartedly embraced his purpose and did not think of profit first. No matter how tough the situation may seem, just keep going and listen to your intuition. You are surely on the right path.



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